New Delft Center Opening

September 30, 2021

Starting September 6, 2021, Stichting Reach Holland (REACH) is excited to announce that our new center in Delft has officially opened: van Bleyswijckstraat 85, 2613 RR Delft.

We are supporting families in The Hague area, along with surrounding municipalities.

Our mission hasn’t changed. We strive to offer high-quality evidence-based services to children on the autism spectrum (ages 2-22) by providing a place where all stakeholders — the children, their families, and staff — have the support they need to thrive.

We are here to put your child’s needs first. At REACH, we understand that every child is unique, and our services aim to be tailored to you and your child’s needs. We are offering allocated group times to maximize the quality of care provided to your child. Our goal is to help each child thrive and become productive members of society.

What We Offer:
Each child will have an evidence-based ABA program based on an individualized care plan (ICP). Your child’s schedule will be determined based on their individual needs. See below for our group allocations.

Group Allocation:
1. Small Steps

  • Ages range 0-4
  • Days T/TH/F
  • Times 9:15-12*

2, Explorers

  • Ages range 5-6
  • Days M/T/TH/F
  • Times 9:30-12:30*

3. Adventurers

  • Ages range 7+
  • Days M/T/TH/F
  • Times 9:30-12:30*

4. Afternoon services

  • Ages all range
  • Days M/T/W/TH/F
  • Times 12:30 or later*
  • Duration 1-2 hours*

*Schedule is based on clinical needs of the child and can be individualized if needed. Services provided are based on clinical expertise in agreement with parents.

Additional Session Information:

  • Each child will have a team of therapists. All sessions (group or individual) will be conducted with a 1:1 ABA trained therapist.
  • All services under one roof. We are offering 1:1/group ABA sessions, OT/sensory, Speech and language, and Music Therapy.
  • All scheduling is based on staff/space availability and needs.
  • Sessions may be offered in either Dutch or English.
  • Group sizes will cap at 4 children.
  • Group sessions will consist of a variety of activities, mimicking a typical school day. Activities included can range from: circle time, snack, group lesson, play time, and individual work.
  • Academic support will be provided based on the client’s needs.
  • Coming soon: Full kitchen for daily life and independent skills. Also, group community outings (based on parent/BCBA discretion).

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Contact Us:
We are committed to helping your child generalize skills learned at REACH in their natural environments.

@ REACH… “We see each child as an individual to be understood rather than a problem to be solved.”

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