What you can expect from us

  • Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. –Henry Ford


    Communication is essential to the teamwork required to promote every child’s progress. At REACH, we hold the highest regard for the importance of this consistent communication and provide many opportunities for parents, caregivers, and REACH staff to share information on progress and current needs. 

    Data collection and analysis

    Children’s progress is continually updated through daily data collection. Data is summarized and analyzed regularly by the clinical director in order to monitor day to day progress. Progress over time is monitored using semiannual assessments.

    Communication notebook

    Each day, direct care staff write in a communication notebook to let families know the child’s progress that day.  This is also an opportunity to discuss any other needs including needs at home or medical issues. This daily communication allows for consistent teamwork to approach each child’s goals.

    REACH staff

    At REACH we strive to provide a supportive learning environment for children and staff alike. We provide training and opportunities for professional development at every level.  New employees are given an opportunity to develop skills in discrete trial teaching, analyzing problem behaviors, and encouraging communication.

    How we help your child succeed

    At REACH we are invested not only in your child’s success, but in your family’s as well. Our aim is to provide support to your whole family so that your child can thrive.

    Goal development

    Families of the children at REACH are fully involved in goal development. Following the completion of the ABLLS assessment families will have an opportunity to review the proposed goals. If families feel at any time that goals are not addressing the child’s needs, REACH staff will address these questions and needs. If additional goals become necessary or desired, REACH staff, including the Supervisor and Clinical Director, will also accommodate any programming needs.

    Each child’s programming is a living document, reflecting their growth and progress. As each child develops, so will their programming to reflect their current needs, strengths, and interests.  Families serve as an important part of the process of this program development. 

    Working Together

    In addition to working together to select goals that meet child and family’s needs, collaboration is an essential part of accomplishing these goals. REACH staff and families meet regularly in formal and informal meetings and staff are encouraged to provide communication from the center. Direct care and supervisory staff are available for questions, concerns or exciting developments in your child’s progress. Regular communication is a valuable tool in helping your child succeed.

    A Safe and Joyful Space

    As part of our mission to provide a place where all stakeholders can thrive, REACH also aims to provide a safe and joyful space for families.  By providing recreational activities, workshops, and a library of resources, we hope to create a space where everyone can find a safe and joyful place to grow as individuals, families, and a community.