Bike Riding initiative with TAC'90

May 28, 2019

REACH is thrilled to announce that starting April 2019, in collaboration with TAC’90 an
amateur football club ,we began a “Learning how to ride a bike” pilot!
The senses that perceive where our heads and bodies are in relationship to the earth’s
surface (vestibular) and where a particular body part is and how it moves (propioceptive) can
be off-kilter in Autistic kids. These senses are of paramount importance when riding a bike, a
skill that requires complex integration of balance and movement.
TAC’90 was gracious enough to offer their fields and outside space on Monday afternoons so
that our kids have plenty of room to practice the balance and movement skills that will help
them be successful in riding a bike!
TAC ’90 has also agreed to allow REACH to use their facilities for other sports programs.
Stay tuned!

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