Kelly Filippopoulou

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    Kalliopi “Kelly” Filippopoulou

    MSc, BCBA Head Clinical Supervisor, ABA specialist/begeleider

  • Kelly Filippopoulou is a Psychologist with her Masters in Child and Adolescent Psychology from Leiden University. Additionally, she has obtained her certifications in: Developmental Disorders of Children & Adolescents, Parent Counseling and Autism Interventions. Kelly has completed her ABA coursework from the Florida Institute of Technology, a recognized program of the BACB and in June 2016, she passed the BCBA exam.

    Kelly has more than 1500 hours working with ASD children, with BCBA Supervision, where she has designed individual therapy programs and implements each program using ABA techniques such as: verbal behavior, social skills training, self help skills training. Kelly also has experience in the classroom, as she has worked as a Teaching Assistant at The Lighthouse Special Education school in The Hague and at an integrated preschool class at Agriokuknoi in Athens, Greece. She has also worked as an Integration Aid at the Therapeutic Center for Children with Autism in Athens, Greece.