Chantal Hoeven

  • Chantal Hoeven

    ABA specialist/begeleider

  • Chantal Hoeven has been working with kids on the autism spectrum doing one-on-one ABA therapy for three (3) years.  She received her HBO degree in behavioral science and family guidance.  Chantal attended the ABA Institute in Waalwijk, NL for a total of three (3) years where she received intensive training in ABA therapy for two (2) years and attended the ABA Masterclass for one (1) year. 

    Chantal worked full-time at ABA Huis in Rotterdam as a begeleider doing one-on-one and group ABA therapy with ASD kids.  She is RBT trained and is in the process of completing her certification.  Chantal currently is the owner of ‘Happy Faces’ which provides one-on-one ABA therapy for kids on the spectrum at home, school or centers.  She also volunteers with SVA (Stichting Vakantie Autisme) which provides guidance for kids and young adults on the autism spectrum during recreational activities and group outings.  Chantal is Dutch but is also fluent in English.