Meet Team Reach

  • Our Supervisory Board

  • Kristine Racina

    Board Member

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    Kristine Racina is the director of the Expatriate Archive Centre. She was born in Riga, but was raised, lived, studied and worked in different countries. She settled ten years ago in the Netherlands and resides with her husband and son in The Hague. She is an experienced consultant and manager of projects and teams in government roles, NGOs and local organizations. Kristine has two Master’s degrees in Economics from the University of Latvia and Financial Management from the Centre Européen Universitaire de Nancy.

    Since her move to the Netherlands in 2011, she was part of fundraising activities for organizations supporting children with autism spectrum disorder. Kristine is passionate about creating an environment where children can thrive, feel safe and supported to enable them to reach their potential. She is excited about the unique opportunity to contribute to the further development of REACH Holland.

  • Sorrel Hidding-Davey

    Board Member

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    Born in the UK, Sorrel grew up in South Africa, before moving to the Netherlands as a young adult. Sorrel is a driven strategic commercial leader who has successfully built and led marketing, sales, and operational teams on a global scale, combining empathic, motivational leadership with a customer and result-oriented approach. With a remedial teacher mother, she developed an affinity for social affairs and health care at a young age, later achieving a degree in psychology and communication science and working in Health Care publishing for over 10 years.

    As a mother of twins with complex health issues in their youth and first-hand experience with autism and learning disabilities, she has learned to navigate the complex world of healthcare, education insurance, and government agencies. This led her to becoming a City Councillor for Wijdemeren since 2018, where now, as party chairmen, she is responsible for drawing up, assessing policies, guidelines, and budgets, particularly in the social domain. She is thus highly motivated to contribute towards the further development and success of Stichting REACH.

  • Our Board of Directors

  • Catherine Verhoeff-Schauf

    Founder/Operational Director

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    After moving to the Netherlands from the United States in 2011 with her son, who had been diagnosed with autism, Catherine was disappointed to find that the quality of care was not what she expected. Believing firmly that each child has the right to highly effective services, she got to work.
    On April 2, 2016 – World Autism Awareness Day – she opened Stichting REACH Holland, the only English speaking care center in The Hague which helps children on the autism spectrum reach their full potential.

  • Irene Borziello

    Clinical Director. BCBA/Supervisor. MSc, ABA specialist/begeleider

    SKJ: 130004754

    NIP: 234055

    Find out more about Irene Borziello

    Irene is a Child Psychologist and a Behavior Analyst with international experience. She holds a Masters Degree in Neuroscience and Neuropsychological rehabilitation as well as Bachelor Degree in Development Psychology and Education achieved between the univer-sity of Padua (Italy) and University of Geneva (Switzerland). While completing her studies she started to train as ABA therapist first in Italy, with home-based interventions, and later in London (UK), in a high-standard special need school. She recently obtained the BCBA certi-fication after successfully completing a coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis with the Florida Institute of Technology.

    Irene has more than seven years of experience in clinical work with children, adolescent and young adult with different developmental disorders (including Autism, Rett Syndrome, Down Syndrome, fragile X, language delay and Cognitive deficits). Irene has worked in home-based interventions and clinical settings, and in consultation with schools, using ABA to support clients in the different areas of the child development.

    Irene is originally from Italy and she has recently relocated to the Netherlands. She loves to travel and do ballet in her free time. She speaks fluently Italian, English and French.

  • Our Administration

  • Ceren Akarsu

    Office Manager. MSc

    SKJ: 130007022 

    Find out more about Ceren Akarsu

    Ceren Akarsu is originally from Istanbul, Turkey. In 2018, she moved to the Netherlands for her Bachelors in Psychology at Leiden University. After finishing her bachelors in Psychology, she completed her masters in Child and Adolescent Psychology also at Leiden University. She specialized in Applied Behavior Analysis as part of her masters internship. During her studies, she voluntarily engaged in various extra-curricular activities within various study and non-study related organizations that made her develop organizational skills. Caren is now working as an Office Manager at Reach. In her free time she is developing her Dutch skills and enjoys doing yoga.

  • Kendall Willems-Cygan

    Admin. MSc, MA, Drs, ABA specialist/begeleider, BCBA/Consultant

    NIP: 230706

    Find out more about Kendall Willems-Cygan

    Kendall Willems (Cygan) is originally from California, United States. She moved to The Netherlands in July 2017 to live with her Dutch partner and play professional volleyball. Kendall graduated from The University of Utah with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an emphasis in Positive Psychology in 2016. After her degree completion, she began to work as a preschool teacher for developmentally delayed children with behaviors.

    In addition to this job, she began pursuing her passion for becoming a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst). She passed the RBT exam in 2016 and then sought out a job working as a Lead Behavioral Interventionist for children with autism. Kendall completed her first Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2017 and finished her second Master’s degree in Counseling in 2019. She became a BCBA in May 2018. She now currently is in the midst of her doctoral degree in Special Education and is in route to finish in May 2024. On the side, Kendall loves to travel, play games, and do yoga.

  • Lal Koyuncu

    Quality Manager/Admin. MSc, RBT-certified, ABA specialist/begeleider, Senior Therapist

    Find out more about Lal Koyuncu

    Lal Koyuncu is a child psychologist originally from Istanbul, Turkey. Lal graduated from University of British Columbia (Canada, 2017) with a BA degree in Psychology. In 2019, she completed her MSc degree in Child & Adolescent Psychology with cum laude honours from Leiden University, NL. Lal has worked in leading research laboratories and hospitals in both Canada and the Netherlands, focusing on linguistics and neuroscience. Lal is extremely passionate about working with children on the autism spectrum. She is scheduled to complete her RBT training in early 2020. Lal is fluent in English and Turkish, and intermediate level in French and Italian. In her free time, Lal practices yoga.

  • Our Team Leads

  • Alexa Bremer–van Eenennaam

    Team Lead. BCBA/Supervisor. MSc, Master in ABA, ABA specialist/begeleider

    SKJ: 140014724

    Find out more about Alexa Bremer

    Upon completing her degree in clinical child psychology at the University of Amsterdam, Alexa Bremer moved to London and began a career in ABA therapy at Ambitious about Autism (formerly known as TreeHouse). In her five years at Ambitious about Autism, Alexa worked with children across developmental needs. Activities included: facilitating early intervention, working with children with highly challenging behaviours, shadowing in mainstream classrooms, and teaching self-help skills to adolescents. Additionally, Alexa has experience working in home programmes. Finding her efforts both professionally and personally rewarding, she decided to continue her career in autism therapy with a postdoc in ABA at the University of Bangor in Wales.

    Alexa’s Dutch roots eventually led her back to the Netherlands. Being a mother of three has made her a better therapist as she clearly understands and appreciates the perspective of the parent, and the relationship between child, parent, and therapist. In her spare time, she loves to be outdoors and has a broad interest in the development and education of children. Currently, Alexa is working towards her BCBA certification.

  • Kalliopi “Kelly” Filippopoulou

    Team Lead. BCBA/Supervisor. MSc, ABA specialist/begeleider

    SKJ: 130003574

    NIP: 228041

    Find out more about Kalliopi “Kelly”

    Kelly Filippopoulou is a Psychologist with her Masters in Child and Adolescent Psychology from Leiden University. Additionally, she has obtained her certifications in: Developmental Disorders of Children & Adolescents, Parent Counseling and Autism Interventions. Kelly has completed her ABA coursework from the Florida Institute of Technology, a recognized program of the BACB and in June 2016, she passed the BCBA exam.
    Kelly has more than 1500 hours working with ASD children, with BCBA Supervision, where she has designed individual therapy programs and implements each program using ABA techniques such as: verbal behavior, social skills training, self help skills training. Kelly also has experience in the classroom, as she has worked as a Teaching Assistant at The Lighthouse Special Education school in The Hague and at an integrated preschool class at Agriokuknoi in Athens, Greece. She has also worked as an Integration Aid at the Therapeutic Center for Children with Autism in Athens, Greece.

  • Persefoni “Persa” Kouroutzi

    Team Lead, BCBA/Supervisor. MSc, ABA specialist/begeleider

    SKJ: 120011376

    Find out more about Persa Kouroutzi

    Persa Kouroutzi obtained her undergraduate degree in Preschool Education & Teaching from University of Ioannina, Greece in July 2014. The following year, she moved to the Netherlands to specialize in learning disabilities. In August 2016, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Learning disabilities and impairments from Leiden University. During this time, she worked in various schools as an early childhood educator and currently is group leader at an out-of-school care organization.
    After completing her master studies, she started volunteering at Stichting REACH Holland and since May 2017, became an ABA specialist at REACH and is also doing home programs. Persa has more than 200 hours of experience working with children on the autism spectrum. Additionally, she has attended and completed various seminars in early childhood education. She recently completed her training as a Behavior Technician and is in the process of certification as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

  • Sophia Garner

    Team lead. BCBA/Supervisor. MA, ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Sophia Garner

    Sophia is an Australian BCBA and Social Worker who has been working in the field of behavior analysis and Autism therapies for over 8 years. Sophia has a bachelor degree in psychology, a master of Education in ABA and a master of Social Work, she has worked in Australia, New Zealand, Malta and now in the Netherlands! She has experience working in clinics, homes, kindergartens and schools with children and adolescents between 2-14 years old.

    Sophia has a keen interest in integrating mental health supports and interventions into her ABA programming, developing emotional intelligence and resilience in young children through behavioral interventions. She loves to have fun in therapy and focuses on the skills that make children’s lives better, communication, leisure and play skills, relationships and social skills and more.

    Outside of work, Sophia enjoys walking in nature with her dog Rupert, making ceramics, eating pastries and travelling with her husband.

  • Our Supervisors

  • Kelsey Burnette 

    BCBA/Supervisor. MA, ABA specialist/begeleider

    SKJ: 130006169

    NIP: 235127

    Find out more about Kelsey Burnette

    Kelsey has been practicing Applied Behavior Analysis in the United States since 2012. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2013 from the College of Charleston Honors College and became a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst in 2016. She specializes in Verbal Behavior, Discrete Trial Instruction, Natural Environment Teaching, and Behavior Skills Training. In 2019, Kelsey and her husband relocated to Leiden where she hopes to continue providing the highest quality of care and services to children with learning differences. She is currently enrolled in the master’s program at Florida Institute of Technology, one of the world leaders in ABA, to earn her master’s degree in Professional Behavior Analysis and to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

  • Our Therapists

  • Anna Christodoulou

    RBT-certified. BSc, MSc, ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Anna Christodoulou

    Anna Christodoulou is originally from Athens, Greece. Anna started her studies in the department of history and archaeology but quickly decided to pursue her dream of becoming a psychologist. She graduated from the University of Crete with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2020 after completing her internship in an institution for children on the autism spectrum. She continued educating herself by attending seminars and workshops regarding child psychopathology and she volunteered in a child’s hospital in Athens.

    Anna moved to The Netherlands in August 2020 to pursue her master’s degree in clinical child and adolescent psychology at the University of Utrecht which she completed in July 2021. During her master’s she worked as an intern at REACH. She enjoyed her internship so much that she began working, in September 2021, as an assistant and currently as a junior therapist.

    Anna is currently pursuing her Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT) certifications.

    At a very young age, Anna began studying music and obtained her classical guitar diploma in June 2014. She loves music, sports, and traveling.

  • Chantal Hoeven

    Senior Therapist. RBT certified, ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Chantal Hoeven

    Chantal Hoeven has been working with kids on the autism spectrum doing one-on-one ABA therapy for three (3) years. She received her HBO degree in behavioral science and family guidance. Chantal attended the ABA Institute in Waalwijk, NL for a total of three (3) years where she received intensive training in ABA therapy for two (2) years and attended the ABA Masterclass for one (1) year.
    Chantal worked full-time at ABA Huis in Rotterdam as a begeleider doing one-on-one and group ABA therapy with ASD kids. She is RBT trained and is in the process of completing her certification. Chantal currently is the owner of ‘Happy Faces’ which provides one-on-one ABA therapy for kids on the spectrum at home, school or centers. She also volunteers with SVA (Stichting Vakantie Autisme) which provides guidance for kids and young adults on the autism spectrum during recreational activities and group outings. Chantal is Dutch but is also fluent in English.

  • Clemence Auzias

    Therapist, RBT. ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Clemence Auzias

    Clemence Auzias is originally from Marseille, France. In 2016, she moved to Montreal, Canada, to complete her bachelor’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience, at McGill University. In August 2020, she moved to The Netherlands to begin her master’s degree in clinical psychology, at Leiden University.

    As part of her master’s program, she started an internship in 2021 at REACH and discovered her passion for the science of behavior – Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). After finishing her internship, she decided to stay and work for REACH, first as an assistant and now as a junior ABA therapist.

    Currently she is working on her second master in developmental psychopathology, focusing on research and neuroscience.

    In her spare time, Clemence loves rock climbing and learning new languages.

  • Comfort Funmilayo “Funmi” Bamidele-Walboomers 

    Senior Therapist. MSc, RBT-certified, ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Comfort Funmilayo “Funmi” Bamidele-Walboomers

    Funmi Bamidele-Walboomers completed her Master’s program at Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands, specializing in Development and Socialization in Childhood and Adolescence. While in the Master’s program she received the ‘Utrecht Excellence Award.’ She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology with Honors at the University of Lagos, Nigeria where she received the highest GPA of all graduating Psychology students.
    Funmi received her RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) Certification from Relias Academy in January 2016. She has been working with children on the autism spectrum in 2015. After completing our nine week orientation/training course on ABA techniques, Funmi began working as an ABA specialist/begeleider at Stichting REACH Holland in November 2016.

  • Lilla Kovacs

    RBT-certified. ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Lilla Kovacs

    Lilla Kovács is a child psychologist, originally from Hungary. She got the taste of living in the Netherlands as an exchange student while she was studying at Groningen University for a semester. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s degree in developmental and clinical child psychology in Hungary. After graduation, she moved back to the Netherlands to work as a research intern in Focus on Emotions Research group at Leiden University.

    She explored her passion of working with autistic children during her master’s, thus she decided to do her internship at Cseperedő Foundation which provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to autistic children and their families. Also, the research project she joined focused on autistic children in inclusive school settings.

    Lilla joined REACH in November 2021 as an assistant and from February 2022 she started as a junior therapist. She is currently working on pursuing her Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certification.

    She is native in Hungarian, fluent in English and working towards B1 in Dutch.

    In her spare time, Lilla enjoys traveling, hiking, and art.

  • Marianna Venetikidi

    Junior Therapist/Assistant. BSc, ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Marianna Venetikidi

    Marianna Venetikidi is originally from Athens, Greece and moved to The Netherlands in 2012. She graduated in 2019 from Leiden University with a BSc in psychology and is currently finishing her research Master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology. As part of her MSc requirements and to gain clinical experience and explore her interests in the field of psychology, Marianna is working as an intern at REACH. In 2019-2020, she volunteered at GGZ-Rivierduinen in Leiden.

    In her spare time, she enjoys travelling. Marianna speaks Greek, English and Dutch.

  • Mariasi Matzorou

    RBT-certified. MSc, ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Mariasi Matzorou

    Mariasi Matzor is originally from Volos, Greece. She moved to the Netherlands in August 2020, to start her Master’s in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, in Utrecht University. During her master’s program, Mariasi worked as an intern at REACH. She enjoyed her experience so much that she began working as an assistant in September 2021. Mariasi has begun her RBT certification training and is working as a junior therapist.

    In March 2020, Mariasi obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology from The University of Crete. During her Bachelor program she interned in a Center for Creative Activities for children of the autism spectrum, in Rethymnon, Greece. Mariasi volunteered as a psychologist in the child psychiatry department of the Mental Health Center of Volos (December 2020 – July 2021) and at the same time she attended two autism – related seminars (Autism: Symptoms and Treatment, Special Education: Interdisciplinary Convergences Practices) from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

    In her spare time, Mariasi loves cooking and photography.

  • Nicholas “Nicky” Reid

    Junior Therapist/Assistant. ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Nicholas "Nicky" Reid

    Nicky Reid is from Aberdeen in Scotland and moved to the Netherlands with his wife and two young children in 2019. He is currently pursuing his degree in Psychology with the Open University. Nicky is due to begin his ABA coursework shortly.

    Prior to working at Reach, Nicky was a support worker at Linn Moor Residential School in Scotland, where he worked in both the education and residential environments. The children and young adults who attended Linn Moor had complex additional support needs and Nicky helped design and implement their care programs. Nicky has always had an interest in working with children, and it was the birth of his son in 2016 that finally gave him the confidence to embark on the career he had long desired.

    In his spare time, Nicky has a keen interest in football and still manages to follow his hometown team Aberdeen FC. He also enjoys cycling and spending time with his two young boys.

  • Ofri Eshet

    Therapist, RBT. BSc, ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Ofri Eshet

    Ofri Eshet is originally from Israel and moved to the Netherlands in February 2017 to pursue higher education. Ofri graduated in 2020 from The University of Leiden with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently finishing her MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychology. As part of her MSc requirements, she working as an intern at Reach, aspiring to gain further clinical experience.

    In addition to her studies, Ofri enjoys volunteering at the ‘@ease’ organization; Ofri loves to travel and enjoys living in Europe and travelling around the continent.

  • Stephanie Falanka

    Junior Therapist/Assistant. MSc, ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Stephanie Falanka

    Stephanie Falanka is originally from Aberdeen, Scotland. In 2008, she received her first Masters degree (with honors) in Behavioral studies from The University of Aberdeen. She completed a post-graduate course in family counseling and social work (level 12 SCQF), in 2014, from Robert Gordon University Aberdeen. In 2018, Stephanie completed her second Masters in Pedagogical Sciences for Youth at Risk (MSc) from The University of Amsterdam.

    Stephanie is passionate about working with children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder and understands that no single method is the right one for every individual. Thus, she has been trained in a variety of approaches including; Verbal Behavior (social language learning for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder), Applied Behavior Analysis, individual focused counseling and Youth at Risk prevention.

    She has over 10 years of working experience in remedial education, academic assessments, and support for children with autism spectrum disorder. Stephanie has worked at the International School Delft, The American School of Kinshasa, and the University of Amsterdam Family Lab.

    Stephanie is a mother of two boys. She is fluent in English and French.

  • Zoe Ravinale-Canon

    Therapist, RBT. ABA specialist/begeleider

    Find out more about Zoe Canon

    Zoe Ravinale Cañón is originally from Barcelona, Spain. After completing high school in England, Zoe moved to the Netherlands to obtain her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Tilburg University. In September 2021 she graduated with a Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology from Leiden University. During that period, she worked as an intern in the European School of Den Haag. In addition, she completed a research internship focused on giftedness for Leiden University. Zoe joined Reach in August 2021 where she began to work as an assistant and junior therapist.

    Zoe is fluent in Spanish, English, Catalan and is working towards a B1 level in Dutch.

    In her spare time, she likes to do sports, read and sing.

  • Our Specialists

  • Eddy Even

    Fitness Trainer/begeleider

    Find out more about Eddy Even

    Eddy Even is originally from Israel and moved to the Netherlands in 2019. Eddy is a certified fitness instructor who, in 2017, received his Health and Fitness Instructor certification from the Wingate Institute’s School for Coaches and Instructors.

    Eddy has his own business, providing fitness services to different organizations and private clients. Eddy is currently working towards receiving his bachelor’s degree in social sciences & International relations.

    In addition to his work and studies, Eddy enjoys playing the guitar & the piano. Eddy also loves practicing photography while travelling around the world.

  • Natalia Alvarez-Arenas

    Music Therapist/begeleider

    Find out more about Natalia Alvarez-Arenas

    Natalia Alvarez-Arenas (1986 Madrid) is a classical percussionist, performer, music therapist and educator. She holds a Bachelor degree as music pedagogy form the royal conservatory of Madrid, a Bachelor and a Master degree in classical percussion at the Royal Conservatoire of den Haag and a Master degree in Music Therapy by the UNIR.

    All through her career she has performed and collaborated in a number of orchestras, ensembles and musical organizations such as Ludwig Ensemble, Residentie Orkest, Asko Schönberg, Opera Today, Slagwerk Den Haag and New European Ensemble. She is a member of The Hague based Catchpenny Ensemble and od the music-theatre company for toddles Tatatone. She also runs her own academy of Music and Movement for children in Den Haag and organize contemporary music-social projects.

    As a Music therapist she has been working for several years with Lighthouse school for Special Education, REACH, Music and Dementia Ludwig and Muziek and Dementie de Haagse MuziekCentrale.

    Natalia is passionate about helping people to improve, keep or restore a state of wellness by using musical experiences.

    Maintaining happiness, well-being and improving the quality of life through music is her priority. Natalia achieves this by stimulating cognitive, motor and musical skills, as well as communication and emotional skills.

    In her spare time, Natalia loves nature, hiking and photography.

  • Rossella Caruso

    Communication Specialist/begeleider. MA.

    Find out more about Rossella Caruso

    Rossella Caruso is originally from Italy. She graduated with highest honors from Roma Tor Vergata University with a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology. In 2020, she graduated from the LUMSA University with a master’s degree in Speech Pathology for language, communication and voice disorders in developmental age. At the same time, Rossella trained and worked for bilingual children at the Sinapsy clinic in Rome, where she delved into the SCERTS®, a comprehensive and research-based program for working with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. Rossella moved to the Netherlands in 2021 and began to work at REACH as a begeleider/specialist for communication needs.

    In addition to working as a speech therapist, Rossella has an English bachelor in acting and she has worked for several theatres acting in Italian, English and French.

  • Elena Clo

    Clinical Consultant. BCBA, PhD candidate

    Find out more about Elena Clo

    Elena Clò, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) based in Italy. She is currently enrolled in her final year of a PhD program at the Queen’s University of Belfast under the supervision of Katerina Dounavi and Karola Dillenburger. Her research interest relates to conditioned reinforcement and early, pre-emptive intervention in high-risk populations.

    Elena’s area of interest is with children on the autism spectrum of different ages and supporting their learning in comprehensive and focused behavioral programs. In addition, she runs Association Pane e Cioccolata, offering training to parents and professionals and social skills groups for children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. She also supervises behavior analysts in their professional practice and teaches Ethics and Verbal Behavior in different University programs in Italy.