Target audience

  • REACH  provides treatment and support to children with an autism spectrum disorder and / or developmental delay between the ages of two to sixteen. 


    We are committed to one day being able to welcome every child with autism as we are convinced that with the right approach and understanding, every child can grow and learn.


    Unfortunately,  we currently do not have suitable space and staff with the expertise for the following:

    • Children who are so aggressive that they can pose a threat to employees and other children.
    • Children with serious escape behavior.
    • Children who are seriously ill and need (continuous) (medical) care, including medication during sessions.
    • Children who live further than 60 km from The Hague.
    • Children with such problems for which day treatment would be a better outcome.
    • Unstable or unsafe home situation, as a result of which ABA therapy cannot be generalized to the home situation.