Spyridoula Patouna

  • Spyridoula Patouna

    MSc, BSc Early Childhood Education; begeleider/Arts and Crafts for Little Hands

  • Spyridoula Patouna obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Athens (Greece) in 2014. During her studies, she spent a semester at the European University of Cyprus through the Erasmus Program where she received the prize of First Honors from the University for her performance. From 2014-2017, Spyridoula worked as a music teacher for children (3-5yrs) and as a teacher in Pre-K class at the Dorothy Snot Preschool in Athens, using play-based approaches and the philosophy of life-derived learning. In 2018, she obtained her Master’s degree at the University of Athens in Counseling Psychology in Education, Health and Work. During her Master study, she worked for 1,5 years as a Mental Health Counselor in the National Center for Social Solidarity in Athens – conducting one-to-one sessions with people dealing with mental health difficulties. In August 2017, Spyridoula came to the Netherlands and is currently working as a

    teacher in Den Haag. In November 2017, she started volunteering at Stichting Reach Holland. She is currently co-leader at the, once a month Saturday program, “Arts and Crafts for Little Hands” at REACH. Spyridoula is fluent in English and Greek.