• In order for the treatment at REACH to be successful, it is very important that parents support the method, understand what is happening and apply the method as much as possible in the home situation.   Therefore, REACH expects parents of children who attend REACH to be active participants in the team that surrounds their child.


    Thus, the lead Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) consult with our parents on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis about their child’s program so that they can best determine how to help parents at home.  Our BCBA’s are also interested in working with care providers of the child, such as, speech therapist, physiotherapist or assistant at school. 


    As a foundation, we are largely dependent on the help and commitment of parents. Parents are encouraged to pay a parent investor fee of €50 a month.  As a ‘parent investor,’ parents will be investing not only in your child’s future, but in the future of REACH and to its growth. This gives parents a seat at the table to ensure that all of their child’s needs and their family’s needs are heard, met and exceeded. However, if parents are not able to contribute monetarily,  they are asked to contribute by offering help with odd jobs or with other activities around REACH. 


    REACH parents come together in the parents’ council. The parent council aims to represent the interests of the children and parents of REACH.