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    As of February 17, 2016, ‘de belastingdienst’ granted Stichting Reach Holland ANBI status. As of January 2014, there are different requirements to maintain ANBI status. Since January 2014, an ANBI organization is required to publish certain data on its website. It is on this page that you will find all of the mandatory data of Stichting Reach Holland required for ANBI status by the tax office.


    Stichting Reach Holland

    RSIN or Fiscal number– 856079662

    Contact information

    Jaarsveldstraat 78
    2546 CS Den Haag


    Chairperson: Ms. Catherine J. Schauf
    Treasurer: Mr. René F. Mullens
    Secretary: Mr. Edwin J. de Jongh


    Welcome to Stichting REACH Holland, a care center in The Hague serving children with autism spectrum disorder. At REACH, we see each child as an individual to be understood rather than a problem to be solved. Each child receives individualized assessment and treatment and is supported to reach their full potential. Our focus is not merely on day-to-day functioning, but on helping every child to thrive


    Our mission is to bring high-quality evidence-based services to English speaking children with autism spectrum disorder in The Hague. Additionally, it is to provide a place where all stakeholders– the children, their families, and staff — have the support they need to thrive. At Stichting REACH Holland, all clients are given every opportunity to thrive and become all they are capable of being. At REACH, each child will be treated as an individual to be understood rather than a problem to be solved. We will take the whole family and its well being into account. Ultimately, the goal is to make available ALL community resources and services for children with an ASD under one roof.

    Additionally, we aim to contribute to the availability of services in The Hague overall. Staff training is provided using evidence-based procedures derived from studies in behavior analysis. Staff members will be given opportunities to gain more advanced training in behavior analysis, as well as certifications. Professional development will be available at all levels.

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    Reward Policy

    The members of the Board receive no compensation for their activities.



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