Complaints procedure

  • REACH  has a complaints procedure and an independent complaints mediator.

    In principle, attempts will always be made to resolve complaints, disputes or conflicts with each other.  If the parents have an issue with care provider at REACH and cannot solve the problem, the help of the operational director can be requested.

    If parents feel the need to talk about a complaint with an independent person, they can go to the complaints mediator.  The job of the complaints mediator is, in the first instance, to hear the complaint. The complaints mediator will assist parents and, if possible, advise them in finding a solution.

     Finally, if discussions with the complaints mediator do not lead to a positive result, it is possible to submit a written complaint to the ‘Geschilleninstantie KPZ’, an independent dispute committee that handles complaints from clients about care.  To learn more about the ‘Geschilleninstantie KPZ’ click here