Alexa Bremer

  • Alexa Bremer – van Eenennaam

    MSc, Master in ABA, ABA specialist/begeleider

  • Upon completing her degree in clinical child psychology at the University of Amsterdam, Alexa Bremer moved to London and began a career in ABA therapy at Ambitious about Autism (formerly known as TreeHouse). In her five years at Ambitious about Autism, Alexa worked with children across developmental needs. Activities included: facilitating early intervention, working with children with highly challenging behaviours, shadowing in mainstream classrooms, and teaching self-help skills to adolescents. Additionally, Alexa has experience working in home programmes. Finding her efforts both professionally and personally rewarding, she decided to continue her career in autism therapy with a postdoc in ABA at the University of Bangor in Wales.

    Alexa’s Dutch roots eventually led her back to the Netherlands. Being a mother of three has made her a better therapist as she clearly understands and appreciates the perspective of the parent, and the relationship between child, parent, and therapist. In her spare time, she loves to be outdoors and has a broad interest in the development and education of children. Currently, Alexa is working towards her BCBA certification.